Google Penalty

Webmaster and SEO consultants are always going to be being asked questions like:

  • Why has my website dropped on Google?
  • Has my website been banned by Google?
  • Our website dropped in Google a while ago, and still hasn’t returned, and Iā€™m not sure why?
  • Why did my website drop from page 1 to page 3?
  • Does my site have a Google penalty?
  • How can I recover from a Google penalty?
  • Why did I get a Google penalty?

For many businesses and site owners, if your site stops ranking on Google then you’re going to be really impacted. Many businesses rely on the revenue that comes as a result of being visible on Google, so being hit by a Google penalty can really set the business back.

If you think your website has dropped then you shouldn’t panic and change everything, as a Google penalty is more likely to be a result of something you’ve recently added or changed. Often this is something relating to new links from bad domains or negative SEO attacks.

There are also algorithmic penalties that may be applied to your website which result in a big drop in organic traffic. Such penalties include Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird. Some of these updates targeted specific site issues, like thin/duplicate content, copy that is overly keyword-stuffed, or low quality/purchased links.

It used to be fairly easy to deal with Google penalties, and to identify the root cause of an penalisation, but nowadays that’s a lot harder.

Google is becoming a bit more tight-lipped about the updates it releases, moving away from the naming convention they used to apply and instead releasing multiple updates within a short period of time. This makes analysis as an SEO consultant far harder, as there is rarely a “smoking gun” in terms of what caused the penalisation.

If you think your site has been hit by a Google penalty and you’d like an expert to review it, you’ve come to the right place!
Reach out to us if you want us to manually review your website to discover if A) we think it has been hit by a Google penalty and B) what steps you need to take in order to remove the penalty and ensure you can rank higher within Google.

Google penalty or not, we’re confident that we can help your site to rank better on Google šŸ“ˆ

Darshan Singh
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